Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workshop & Practices During The Final Week

With our event drawing nearer, more and more workshops are carried out. Everyone feels excited and thrilled with the Carnival and Cultural Night. Preparation for props, decoration and practices are done during the whole week. Everyone's working harder than usual to make sure the event's going to run smoothly. Here are some pictures during our workshop and practices.


Our caring Asst. Director Carmen prepared barley water for us, making sure we all stay healthy



Live Band

Fashion Show

Picture of the Day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Promotional Week

I would like to announce that we're having our final promotion week to sell out our tickets and coupons. Come and find us!

The following is the details:

Date: 15 - 18 March 2010 (Mon - Thurs)
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Venue: Slot 015(Nearby Central Plaza)
Coupon : RM 5
Ticket   : RM 6 for member
              RM 8 for Non-member

Thursday, March 11, 2010

School Visit

On 9th of March, we approached the schools in Cyberjaya which are the SK Cyberjaya and SMK Cyberjaya to invite them to our event. We were entertained by one of the teacher, and we were pleased that she has agreed to bring students to come to our event.

Danial and Wan

Carmen, Zaty, Tze Wei

Japan Club

On last 8th of March, we, accompanied with Japanese lecturer from MMU, Okada sensei, paid a visit at JCKL or known as Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur.We received a warm welcome when we reach there. The representative of JCKL, Ms. Monica and us discussed about performance that would be going to be performed by the JCKL during our Japanese Cultural Night. To know what performance that will be performed by JCKL, come to our event!

Here are some pictures during our visit.

Japanese Cultural Night Working Comm

Before midterm break, Japanese Cultural Night had a meeting to discuss about the Cultural Night. Since everyone hadn't have their dinner, they had dinner together and discuss about Japanese Cultural Night.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Live Band Practice

One of the performance that we're having during Cultural Night is live band. Our live band members are from MMU students. Here are some pictures during their practice.

Vocalist = Jia Yi

Guitarist = Yus Ome

Guitarist = Kevin Chew

Bassist = Arthur Leong

Drummer = Jason

The Group

booth updates

As you all know we had our booth during 1st March to 4th March to sell out our Japanese Cultural Night tickets and Carnival of Japan coupons. Next week which is from 15th March to 18th March, for the last time, we will be having another 4 days of booth to sell our tickets and coupons. Details as below:

Date: 15th - 18th March
Venue: Central Plaza

Take a look at more pictures that we have during last booth duty. Enjoy.

JCN Director explaining to ex-president of GDC about Cultural Night

We're having karaoke during the booth

Vocalist for our live band singing

Exhibition Director = Yi Huei

Public Relationship Director = Nurul Izatty

One of our usherette during Cultural Night = Iffah

Director of Carnival of Japan = Ng Tze Wei